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Ale’s Stones map

Map and illustrations for the information panels at Ale’s Stones (Ales stenar) and Kåseberga.


Adventure and mystery book series by Swedish author Patrik Bergström.
Age group: 6-9

På jakt efter (Hunting for…)

Book series about hunting in the Swedish nature.
Age group: 6-9

Folk art in Östergötland

I illustrated a map of the Östergötland county for the book Den glömda konsten about folk art in Östergötland.

The Bug Girl – Maria Merian’s Scientific Vision

A fully illustrated biography that celebrates the life and achievements of famous naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian.
Age group: 4-8

Linje 15 till Rannebergen

A collection of seven ghost stories with a dark tone.
Age group: 9-12

Upplevelser i Stockholms natur

A beginner’s guide to exploring Stockholm’s rich natural areas, with illustrated maps and species portraits.

Krönikan om Jarmaland

Historical-fantasy series set in XIV century Scandinavia by Swedish author Johan Theorin.
Age group: 9-12

Från Döda fallet till Ales stenar

A fully illustrated collection of mysterious places in Sweden where history and folklore blend into each other.
Age group: 9-12


Young adults fantasy chapter book by Swedish author Patrik Bergström.
Age group: 9-12

Cape Horn map

Celebratory illustrated map of Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica.


Storyboard for short film ‘Imagine’ by Berättarministeriet.

Legenden om Örnfolket

Fantasy trilogy saga by Swedish author Patrik Bergström.
Age group 6-9

Real Life Pop Icons

What would pop-culture characters look like in real life?