My name is Filippo Vanzo. I am a Stockholm-based, Italy-born-and-raised freelance illustrator and cartographer.

I create images for a wide variety of industries and purposes, such as books, covers, children´s literature, tabletop games, advertising, museums, magazines, and for private use. My fiction illustrations focus primarily on characters and storytelling, with dynamic, cinema-inspired dramatic compositions. I also love to do a lot of research for maps, historical, educational or natural history projects.

I work with many different mediums, depending on the project. I usually work with ink or pencil, and add the color and typography in post-production. I work 100% digitally if the project requires extra flexibility.

If you are interested in knowing more about my work as a cartographer, please visit my map-website at

You can also support my mapmaking activity by visiting my Patreon page and becoming a member. Patrons get free maps for their roleplaying games, discounts and Patreon-exclusive content.

I am fluent in Italian, English and Swedish.

I love nature, hiking, maps, video games, progressive and folk music, riding my bicycle, and sleeping. Were I not an illustrator, I would probably want be a wildlife photographer, or a park ranger.

Selected clients

Statens fastighetsverk, Burning Games, Bonnier Carlsen, Paradox Interactive, Opal, Lilla Piratförlaget, Capstone Books, Oxford University Press, Stockholm Graphics, Usborne Publishing

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