Filippo Vanzo

Illustrator & Cartographer



Folklore, myths, legends have always fascinated me. More generally speaking, I absolutely love storytelling.

That’s why make imaginative realism illustration for book covers, children’s literature, games, and more…



My hand and brain might be in the arts, but nature is where my heart ultimately lies.

Using my work to promote, celebrate and protect the natural world with books, posters and informational material is all one can ask for.



Portraits, illustrated infographics, historical and ethnographic reconstructions.

Anything that requires accurate representation and extensive research is surely my cup of tea!



Maps are our window into the world, be it real or imaginary. They tell stories like no other medium.

I create illustrated maps that are both beautiful to look at and well-designed, for a great variety of uses and industries.



Follow the adventures of new best friends Amanda and Carl, in a high-tempo mystery series filled with action and excitement for children aged 6-9.

The first installment of author Patrik Bergström’s and mine new children’s book series Mysterieklubben (The Mystery Club) is finally out in bookstores across Sweden!

Latest news

I spent six days in Lappland painting landscapes and nature!

This summer I’ve been busy with several projects (more on them soon), but I managed to carve out some time for a week-long painting workshop in Saxnäs, in the southern part of the Swedish Lappland. The workshop was led by masterful painter Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund, who has over aContinue reading

New Release: The Higlhand Regions map pack

I have released a new map on my DriveThruRPG store: The Highlands Regions pack! It is a set of 4 regional maps inspired by the Scottish Highlands. Expect lots of wetlands, deep ice-age lakes, rugged fjords and islands! Dungeon/Game masters can easily integrate these maps in their own homebrew campaigns.Continue reading

New book series: Mysterieklubben

I’m very proud and excited to announce that author Patrik Bergström’s and mine new children’s book series Mysterieklubben (The Mystery Club) is finally out in bookstores across Sweden with the first installment Mysterieklubben och det hemliga rummet (‘The Mystery Club and the secret room’)! Mysterieklubben follows the adventures of new bestContinue reading


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