This summer I’ve been busy with several projects (more on them soon), but I managed to carve out some time for a week-long painting workshop in Saxnäs, in the southern part of the Swedish Lappland. The workshop was led by masterful painter Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund, who has over a decade teaching experience at the Florence Academy of Art.

It was an all-round incredible experience, as we got to spend 6 beautiful days in the gorgeous nature around Saxnäs. We mainly painted a lot, but also got a chance to hike, talk and share experiences.

Most of the participants used oils, while a couple of us chose watercolour. It was my first serious attempt with the medium, which I always wanted to learn to use but never really got into. I learned a lot during the workshop, and I feel like it especially helped me overcome some artistic mindset barriers that I had felt had been bogging me down for a while now.

While not particularly impressive, I am quite happy with some of the pieces I painted, and I’m looking forward to integrating watercolour in my work more often.

some of the paintings done by the other participants

The workshop was great non only on an artistic/professional level, but also on the human side. I got the chance to meet many inspiring and interesting people, and I really treasure their passion for painting and the time we got to spend together.

I also got the chance to throw my passion for hiking into the mix, taking advantage of the gorgeous nature all around us and of the long nordic summer days (the sun setting at 22:30).


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