I’m very proud and excited to announce that author Patrik Bergström’s and mine new children’s book series Mysterieklubben (The Mystery Club) is finally out in bookstores across Sweden with the first installment Mysterieklubben och det hemliga rummet (‘The Mystery Club and the secret room’)!

Mysterieklubben follows the adventures of new best friends Amanda and Carl, and is a high-tempo mystery series filled with action and excitement for children aged 6-9.

I’ve illustrated each book with around 30 full-color, comic-book-inspired dynamic pieces, plus of course the cover and a map of Vilunda, the fictional town where the adventure takes place.

Author Patrik Bergström (right) and me. Photo: Felicia Yllenius

You can get the book in any Swedish bookstores, both offline and online.

If you want to see more of the illustrations I created for the series, please check out the project page.

And finally, here is a little time-lapse of how I made the cover to the first book. I hope you’ll appreciate it!


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