A beginner’s guide to exploring Stockholm’s rich natural areas, with detailed descriptions, tips, maps and photographs.

Illustrations produced: 28 maps, 59 species, 13 animal tracks, 10 symbols.

Title: Upplevelser i Stockholms natur : platser, kartor, guider
Author: Erik Hansson, Oliver Karlöf, Vide Ohlin
Publisher: Bokförlaget Polaris, 2018

ISBN: 9789188647665

All illustrations © Filippo Vanzo
Book design by Anders Timrén.

* in Swedish only

About the Project

I joined this project as a replacement illustrator at a quite advanced stage of development. I was approached by author Erik Hansson for creating the illustrated maps for the book, which had to combine the clarity and utility of scientific arwork with the liveliness of a more illustrative approach.

All illustrations, and the research required by the scientific accuracy, were created under a period of four months between January and May 2018.